Casio Pro Trek Watch (PRW-S3100-1, Black/Green)

Casio Pro Trek Watch (PRW-S3100-1, Black/Green)


  • $283.99

Introducing the latest addition to the slim line (PRW-3100), Real Material Series of PRO TREK Triple Sensor watches with solar power radio controlled timekeeping.

This new model has a band that is highly resistant to breaking thanks to inserts into carbon figure sheets with outstanding tensile resistance. The crystal is made of scratch resistant sapphire glass, making this model the perfect choice for wear during outdoor activities. An STN liquid crystal display makes data readable at a wider viewing angle, while a new stainless steel bezel and slim design enhances practicality even further.

Other features include Triple Sensor Version 3 for greatly improved measurement accuracy and shorter recording intervals, MULTI BAND 6, Tough Solar, and information alarm feature that alerts you to sudden increases or decreases in barometric pressure and much more.

Powerful outdoor watch performance plus a great new design makes this PRO TREK mode an essential piece of genuine outdoor gear.


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